7 Reasons why you should start planning your booth early

Time and again, we see the exhibitors complain about not getting full ROI from an exhibition. While the reasons could be many, there are some of them, which if addressed in time, will ensure you get maximum ROI from your tradeshows. Follow these 7 simple tips and walk away with money in your banks.

Be the center of all the action – If you are sure about participating in an exhibition, opt to book a space as early as the previous version ends. Many organisers usually open the bookings immediately after the current version ends. This way you will have availability of most premium spaces. In any exhibition, having a premium space is like hitting a gold mine.

Catch those early bird discounts – Early booking not only ensures premium spaces, but the organisers usually offer handsome discounts on these, which ensures cost saving for the exhibitors.

Start concept planning early – Now that you have got a premium space, give your designers ample time to work on the 3D design & Graphics. This will help you bring better creativity to the booth.

Plan your resources better – Early start to fabrication helps you plan your resources better. Sometimes you end up opting for some creative elements which takes time in making. An early start ensures that we have ample time to get that done and the booth designers have ample time in workshop to build the booth ensuring better quality of work.

Avoid penalties – Organisers worldwide usually charge penalties on not filling the forms on time. These could be related to furniture hire, electricals, exhibitor badges or manpower. Submission of these forms on time will ensure there are no hassles for you when you reach on site for the possession and you will avoid longer wait periods.  Not to forget the critical cost escalations.

No last minute surprises – Designing and making a booth is a detailed process and it takes time. Planning your booth in time will ensure that you have no last-minute surprises which could be a disaster for your brand image.

Leverage to Negotiate better – By confirming the project on time, you will be able to negotiate the costs better and close it well in time. With planning at last minute, you have no option but to accept the price a supplier quotes.

Peace of mind – In the end there is no better thing than peace of mind. Early planning ensures you work in peace and manage your time, resources and finances better. What’s better than a peaceful mind that goes into that exhibition and makes most with its customers rather than worrying about all the peripherals.

Have a great time making the most from your trade shows!! 

Team SeroVMS!

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